What If...

You didn’t have to answer to investors in order to grow your new venture’s value?

What If...

You could focus more time on building products & services that your customers love?

What If...

You had a partner who could help ensure you avoid the pitfalls most new ventures encounter?

What If...

You could shift your business paradigm from a focus on fundraising to organic revenue growth?

Säfik Advsrs

Your partner for minimizing reliance on outside investment and maximizing your value to your customers.

Does Your Startup Need Support?

Smart Startups Leverage the Säfik Syndicate to Accelerate Their Success

Säfik Advsrs’ mission is to accelerate the growth trajectory of technology startups through every stage of their development.

Leverage the shared power, experience, expertise, network, and enabling technologies of the Säfik Syndicate to accelerate your new venture’s growth.

We’re building upon our already extensive start up experience and network of seasoned professionals to build an exclusive group of Prtnrs & Advsrs to provide all of the skills, resources, and support your startup needs to be successful without the typical barriers to deployment.

Want to accelerate your growth & the success of your company? Seek support from the Säfik Syndicate.


Sophic – Sä-fik: of, relating to, or full of wisdom; intellectual

Accelerate Your New Venture’s Growth Via the Säfik Startup Syndicate


Utilize your expertise to help new ventures achieve their growth objectives. Establish an additional channel to accelerate your personal income, expand your network, and strengthen your start up expertise.


Accelerate the growth of your pipeline by getting access to new customers without additional sales or marketing overhead. Expand your network of complimentary (not competitive!) product & services companies.


Even if you’re not intersested in having your start up join the Syndicate, you can sign on as a client and leverage our advisors’ expertise as well as the products & services of our partners.

Benefits of Joining the Säfik Startup Syndicate


  • Get invaluable guidance and support from your Säfik Advsrs’ Relationship Executive. Each of our team has extensive experience with launching tech startups and works closely with you to support your success.
  • Network with potential partners, service providers, advsrs, and prospects.


  • Leverage your hard-earned expertise to help new ventures succeed.
  • Secure new advisory clients and related revenue without having to “sell” yourself.
  • Add to your CV and professional “quals” while doing the work you love.


  • Gain visibility with your target market: other new tech ventures.
  • Accelerate the growth of your pipeline without having to add additional sales or marketing resources.
  • Gain access to a diverse group of individual contributors via the Syndicate’s Advsrs.
  • Network with other companies who offer complimentary (not competitive!) services to start up ventures.


  • Your Relationship Executive will get you the appropriate assistance you need from Säfik Syndicate prtnrs and advsrs, accelerating your startup’s growth.

The Säfik Advsrs Syndicate, Summarized

What is the Säfik Syndicate?

The Safik Syndicate is a vetted and curated group of seasoned start up professionals (Advsrs) and services companies (Prtnrs), each with extensive start up experience, focused on providing the support needed to accelerate their growth and achieve longterm success.

Why Has it Been Launched?

The two biggest challenges for new ventures are securing knowledge & experienced resources and generating sales leads. And, few start ups have the time or financial resources to directly acquire all the expertise and assistance they need to successfully launch & grow. Säfik seeks to remedy these challenges by providing the access and ease to the resources startups need. 

Who Can Join?

Individuals and companies are welcome to apply to join the Syndicate, as long as they have proven experience with new technology ventures and are providing a product or service that aligns to one of the six start up success dimensions.

How Does the Säfik Syndicate Work?

Contact us for more details on joining the Syndicate. We select from companies that have a creative, compelling product or service which is unique to the Syndicate (thus avoiding having competition amongst members) and individuals with proven subject matter expertise in helping new ventures to launch.

Startups, Accelerated.

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